REL West invited high school economics teachers, social studies coordinators or chairs, and principals; district and county officials; national, state, and local policymakers; community representatives; professional associations; and others interested in economics education to attend this webinar.

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WEBINAR (archived): Effects of Problem Based Economics on High School Economics Instruction

February 10, 2011



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This webinar disseminated findings of the rigorous research study, Effects of Problem Based Economics on high school economics instruction, to study participants, research partners, program developers, and those interested in learning about problem-based learning and problem-based economics curriculum.

Speakers included:

  • Neal Finkelstein (keynote presenter), Principal Investigator for the study, presented an overview of the findings.
  • William Bosshardt, President of the National Association of Economic Educators, provided an update on the state of high school economics instruction.
  • John Mergendoller, Executive Director at the Buck Institute for Education, framed the discussion with an overview of using problem-based learning in the classroom.

Participants of this webinar:

  • Gained a thorough understanding of the findings and conclusions of this study.
  • Developed a stronger knowledge base about the technical issues related to conducting a rigorous, experimental research study (randomized control trial, or RCT), and the implications for interpreting the findings.
  • Reflected on the Problem Based Economics curriculum and problem-based learning for practice within their own classrooms and schools.

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