REL West and REL Central co-hosted this webinar on the findings of a study of student mobility from each REL region. Participants heard from the lead researchers and a panel of practitioners from local and state education agencies about challenges of student mobility and some potential ways to address those challenges.

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WEBINAR (archived): Student Mobility in the Central and West Regions

March 08, 2011

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This event brought together experts from the Central and West Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs), a panel of education administrators from states included in the featured studies, and attendees in an interactive webinar on student mobility rates in these two regions.

Participants gained new insights into:

  • Student mobility rates and how they are measured in these states (Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming)
  • Implications of high student mobility for students and educators 
  • Patterns of mobility among groups of students
  • Differences in mobility in rural and non-rural regions



  • Dr. Charlotte Boyle, Superintendent, Creighton School District, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dr. Mary Ann Losh, Office of Equity and Instructional Strategies Administrator, Nebraska Department of Education
  • Dr. Richard Schoonover, Student Achievement Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Education

Participants discussed their own experiences with high mobility rates, shared ideas to help address this issue in schools, and learned about the measurement and rates of student mobility in the Central and West regions.

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