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Neal Finkelstein

Sorting Through the Research and Being Practical: Navigating from 9th Grade to College

May 20, 2011

Chula Vista, CA

San Diego Country Club

Stakeholders in the Chula Vista, CA community, including the mayor and staff, other city government staff, school district administrators, faculty from institutions of higher education, and business leaders met to discuss the research on postsecondary access and success presented in the IES Practice Guide, Helping Students Navigate the Path to College: What High Schools Can Do, consider how the practices can help strengthen and accelerate postsecondary access for Chula Vista students, and generate next steps to achieve the community's goal of having more of their students attend college.

The keynote presenter was Neal Finkelstein, panel member for the featured practice guide and REL West Senior Researcher, who presented an overview of the practice guide recommendations and facilitated the discussion.

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