Education, business, and civic leaders from the 33 school districts in Santa Clara County participated in this forum, part of a series sponsored by the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF).

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Neal Finkelstein

Postsecondary Access and the Goals of Improving Middle Grades Math Performance

May 23, 2011

San Jose, CA

Sobrato Center for Nonprofits

This event included research presentations and a panel discussion that provided an opportunity for participants to learn about and discuss the latest research related to preparation for and access to postsecondary education and the related issues of course placement in middle and high school.

Speakers and panelists included:

  • Neal Finkelstein, Senior Research Scientist, REL West at WestEd; IES Practice Guide author
  • Mary Perry, Deputy Director, EdSource
  • Matt Rosin, Senior Research Associate, EdSource
  • Steve Waterman, Co-superintendent, Bayshore School District
  • John Fensterwald, Journalist in Residence, SVEF; Facilitator

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