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Meg Livingston Asensio

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Southwest Collaborative on Educator Effectiveness: Data Management

August 17, 2011 9:30 - 11:30 am

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Harvey's Lake Tahoe

This event was a breakout session at a two-day conference for Southwest region state teams to discuss emergent research, promising practices, and strategies related to the design and implementation of teacher and principal evaluation systems and uses of resulting data. The session focused on data management at the state and local levels, including effective methods to ensure data integrity and transparency.

Ellen Mandinach, Senior Research Scientist, WestEd, and panel member for the featured Practice Guide, Using Student Achievement Data to Inform Instructional Decision Making, focused her presentation on the guide’s fifth recommendation for the development of data systems that meet the needs of stakeholders. Vanessa Barrat, Senior Research Associate, REL West at WestEd, facilitated the session and presented examples of successful data management, ensuring data integrity, and transparency at the state and local levels.

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