The main goal of the event was to extend and deepen participants’ understanding and use of data to improve achievement outcomes for Nevada’s students.

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Meg Livingston Asensio

(415) 615-3196

Using Data to Improve Student Achievement: Moving Forward in Nevada

October 05, 2011 8:30am - 4:00pm

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel

Opening remarks were provided by WestEd CEO Glen Harvey and Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Keith Rheault, who also acted as event facilitator. Ellen Mandinach, Senior Research Scientist at WestEd and panel member for the featured IES practice guide, presented an overview of the research-based recommendations in Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making. Diana Nunnaley, Using Data Implementation Director at TERC, demonstrated what good data use looks like, what it takes to use data to make evidence-based decisions, and how to connect data analysis to instructional decisions. The Honorable Brian Sandoval, Governor of the State of Nevada, provided luncheon remarks, followed by five breakout sessions focused on applying research to Nevada’s data system and growth model, each presented and facilitated by REL West and Nevada Department of Education staff. Participants were provided opportunities to interact with and learn from experts and each other during sessions and facilitated table discussions.

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