Research Digests

  1. Fall 2011

    The feature article in this Digest describes what a Nevada district, in partnership with REL West, discovered about college readiness indicators. The issue also includes an overview of recent REL West events that brought researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together on data-based decision making and other topics. And you’ll learn about research findings of interest to the West Region, published by REL West and other federally funded programs.

  2. Spring 2011

    Increase in demand for school leaders over the next eight years will vary widely across California regions. A new REL West report on the topic is featured in this issue of the Research Digest. This issue also includes an article on steps that Utah is taking to increase college readiness, access, and success among its students, and another on a regional SIG conference that explored school turnaround strategies and featured speakers from the U.S. Department of Education and the Center on Innovation and Improvement.

  3. Winter 2010

    This issue features an article on an event REL West hosted aimed at student success in Algebra through early math interventions. In addition, this issue highlights recent research conducted by REL West, including studies on where English learner students go to school and student mobility patterns, both in Arizona.

  4. Summer 2010

    This issue features an article on evidence-based practices to close the college access gap between low-income high school students and their peers. In addition, this issue highlights recent research conducted by REL West, including reports detailing California's upcoming need for new school administrators and updated teaching standards in multiple states.

  5. Fall 2009

    This issue features an article on REL West's efforts to bridge research and practice on turning around low-performing schools by convening more than 400 state, district, and school staff; turnaround principals and coaches; and researchers in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. In addition, this issue highlights recent research conducted by REL West, including studies of California's independent study high schools and professional teaching standards in multiple states.

  6. Spring 2009

    This issue features a REL West study, "Reenrollment of High School Dropouts in a Large, Urban School District," plus highlights other REL West studies on issues such as teacher workforce needs in California and math remediation in Nevada. It also introduces Ask A REL, a collaborative reference desk service provided by the 10 regional educational laboratories.

  7. 2008

    This premiere issue provides abstracts of in-progress fast-response research and technical assistance projects, highlights REL events, and introduces readers to one of REL West's six multi-year evaluations of promising interventions.

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