Full-day Kindergarten and Student Achievement: A literature review

Primary Researchers: Andrea Lash, Soung Bae, Vanessa Barrat, Elizabeth Burr, Anthony Fong

In order to inform discussion of state policy, the Nevada state legislature requested that REL West review research that examines the effect of full-day kindergarten on student achievement. This review looks at research reported in the last decade (1990–2008) that examined the impact of full-day kindergarten, as compared with half-day programs, on student achievement in reading and mathematics. The intent was twofold: to examine and summarize the quality of the research designs of studies being reported, and to summarize the findings of those studies whose research designs were determined to be of adequate quality. In addition to providing these summaries, this publication explains how the quality of a study's research design influences the strength of the study's findings.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive
  • Contact info:
    Elizabeth Burr 415.615.3309


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