The Enrollment of Young Children in Foster Care in Early Intervention Services and Licensed Preschools in Fresno County, California

Primary Researchers: BethAnn Berliner, Vanessa Barrat

Guided by recommendations set forth in California's "Ready to Succeed Initiative," REL West researchers conducted this analysis to provide a current description of the enrollment status of young children in foster care who are participate in early intervention services and licensed preschools in Fresno County, California. Data from a number of sources suggest a need to improve the rate of enrollment of foster care children in these services, however, efforts to construct a California baseline from which to measure improvement have proved unfeasible due to data limitations. This analysis, done at the request of the Ready to Succeed Initiative and Fresno County's Department of Children and Family Services, provides a detailed summary of referral, eligibility, and enrollment rates for children ages 0–2 and 3–5 who were in foster care in Fresno County as of January 2009. These results may also serve to help other counties and the state identify data gaps, strengthen data collection systems, and provide new information to inform policy and practice related to data sharing, school readiness, and student success.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive
  • Contact info:
    BethAnn Berliner (510) 302-4209


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