California State Policy Scan: Dropout and Graduation Education Law and Regulation

Primary Researchers: BethAnn Berliner, Eric Haas

The California Mayors Education Roundtable (MRT), as part of its ongoing efforts to monitor how policy and practice influence dropout and graduation rates, requested that REL West conduct a policy scan of current state law and regulation related to students dropping out and graduating. As a first step for the MRT to assess what’s working – and what’s not – in order to make informed recommendations to revise policy, it also requested critical baseline information about where authority for dropout and graduation law and regulation is situated (i.e., state, county, school, other).

Note: For purposes of this request, a policy scan is a comprehensive inventory that describes K-12 California education laws and regulations specifically related to dropping out and graduating.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive
  • Contact info:
    Eric Haas 510.302.4288


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