Helping the Nevada Department of Education Align Data with Its Research Questions: Lessons Learned from Other States

Primary Researchers: Ellen Mandinach

Staff from the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) requested technical assistance related to use of Nevada’s statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS). The requested assistance includes help formulating research questions to be answered with state data, determining if the current system includes the necessary data elements, and identifying the kinds of data displays that can and should be used in conjunction with the system.

To those ends, NDE staff have asked REL West to help them understand how other states with greater experience and capacity in this area are addressing these issues. To identify those states, REL West will consult with the SLDS program officers at NCES and seek advice about which states’ practices and systems to examine.

For more information about this project, please contact REL West.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive, Survey Research
  • Contact info:
    Ellen Mandinach 202.429.9731

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