Parent Brochure to Help Students Navigate the Path to College

Primary Researchers: BethAnn Berliner, Neal Finkelstein

Navigating the path to college can be a daunting process for parents and students alike -- especially for those students who will be the first to attend college in their families. To help parents understand what is needed in order for students to be prepared for, to apply to, and to afford college, REL West created a brochure, in both English and in Spanish, that outlines specific steps parents can take to address these issues. High school counselors can print these brochures, adding their own school's information in a blank box.

The recommendations in the brochure are based on the IES Practice Guide, Helping Students Navigate the Path to College: What High Schools Can Do.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive
  • Contact info:
    Meg Livingston Asensio 415-615-3196


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