Technical Assistance to Los Angeles Unified School District on Educator Effectiveness

Primary Researchers: Melissa Eiler White, Thomas L. Hanson, Reino Makkonen

The recommendations of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Teacher Effectiveness Task Force (TETF), released in April 2010, set the course for a new and more comprehensive approach to personnel practices, including evaluation, compensation, tenure, support, and development. In response to these recommendations, the district has developed a strategic plan for phased implementation of the recommendations.

A key recommendation of the TETF was to carefully develop, test, and refine aspects of comprehensive evaluation systems for LAUSD educators. Thus, the district has engaged a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to guide this work. Initially, this group advised LAUSD as it developed its approach to value-added analysis for the purpose of educator reviews. Subsequently, the TAG will be expanded to include a focus on other areas of effectiveness measurement recommended by the TETF (i.e., observation of teacher/leader practice, stakeholder feedback, contributions to a school community, and contributions to student outcomes measured through methods other than value-added analysis). 

District leadership has developed an aggressive timeline for developing and implementing new systems, but does not have a strong research arm. They requested advice from REL West on: how to thoughtfully approach the design of a new system (based upon research reviews and analysis of existing LAUSD data); assistance in best utilizing the TAG to inform their decisions; and support for researching and analyzing options under consideration.

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    Catherine Walcott 415-615-3184

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