District Assistance to Better Understand Resource Allocation Data Patterns for Title I Schools

Primary Researchers: Jay Chambers, Jesse Levin

This technical assistance project investigates Title I comparability at the district level. 

California’s school financing system, as well as district policies related to calculating costs by school, can often lead to challenges in understanding how resources are distributed across schools, especially before and after categorical funds such as Title I dollars have been distributed. 

Three California school districts — Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Twin Rivers — that are currently engaged in developing core reform strategies that attempt to create a more equitable distribution of funding across schools requested assistance in better understanding how Title I dollars are allocated across their schools and how well they are complying with the spirit of the comparability provisions of the Title I law.

To help understand whether and how these districts fulfill the requirement and the observed patterns of resource allocation among Title I and non-Title I schools, REL West is exploring two research questions:

  1. What criteria have these three districts used to satisfy the comparability provisions of the Title I law?
  2. Using school-level per-pupil spending out of state and local revenues as the metric, to what extent do we observe high versus low poverty schools providing access to comparable levels of resources?

This project will inform not only resource decisions in the three diverse participating districts but also numerous discussions within other districts seeking to better understand their own resource allocation patterns and at the state lever, as finance reforms are a high priority topic across California.

For more information on this project, please contact REL West.

  • Contact info:
    Catherine Walcott (415) 615-3184

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