Student Learning Measures as Part of Teacher Evaluations

Primary Researchers: Reino Makkonen

How Selected States and Districts Are Measuring Student Learning to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Teachers Who Do Not Teach the Grades and Content Assessed via Statewide Standardized Tests:

REL West has worked closely with the leadership of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as the district has advanced its Supporting All Employees initiative. At this stage, LAUSD is seeking information about what states and other large districts outside California are using as measures of student learning in evaluation systems for teachers who do not teach grades and/or content assessed by state-administered tests. Working with REL West, LAUSD officials have suggested a set of five districts and two states of interest to them; REL West will call officials in each of these to ask about the student learning measures planned/used for teachers who do not teach the grades and content assessed via state-administered tests. The results of these calls will be summarized in a memo, which LAUSD leadership plans to use to help plan its 2011/12 teacher evaluation system pilot.

  • Methodologies: Descriptive
  • Contact info:
    Reino Makkonen (415) 615-3356

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