Assessment in Alternative High Schools

Primary Researchers: Noelle Caskey

Arizona’s charter schools are or will be facing a performance review in connection with the charter renewal process, and charter schools are also accountable under state and federal accountability mandates. Accountability reviews are particularly difficult for alternative charter high schools because the students they serve come in with very low levels of academic achievement and seldom meet graduation requirements in four years. These alternative high schools need to develop and agree on a set of supplemental alternate measures that would allow them to show student progress in a manner acceptable to both the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the authorizing agency, the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS). In addition, these alternative high schools need a range of data to guide their progress in school improvement.

To support the development of an alternate set of accountability measures for these schools, a group called the Arizona Charter School Assessment Network (ACSAN) has been meeting monthly. ACSAN participants, along with ADE and ASBCS, requested REL West technical assistance in defining assessment needs, identifying options, and deciding on next steps as they develop a set of alternative measures for accountability purposes.

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    Noelle Caskey (415) 615-3178

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