Workshop Toolkit

Conduct your own school turnaround workshop

REL West has developed a complete toolkit of instructions, resources, and suggestions for conducting an introductory workshop or series of workshops on research-based approaches to turning around low-performing schools.

About the Workshop

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This workshop toolkit provides a comprehensive set of free materials which can be tailored to meet school improvement goals and participant needs, including a downloadable facilitator’s guide, three turnkey presentations, printable handouts, and suggested participant activities.

The workshop’s flexible format allows for a one-day session or a series of shorter meetings, large or small groups, and structured or more informal settings. It can easily be facilitated by anyone interested in helping to turn around low-performing schools, and is appropriate for participants at the state, district, or school level, as well as external support providers working with struggling schools.


Facilitator's Guide

This guide provides instructions, helpful tips, and tools for the workshop facilitator.

Facilitator's Guide

Practice Guide

This research-based guide identifies practices that can improve the performance of chronically low-performing schools—a process commonly referred to as creating "turnaround schools." The four recommendations in the guide work together to help failing schools make rapid progress.

Turning Around Chronically Low-Performing Schools


Here are downloadable copies of all workshop toolkit handouts, including note-taking guides and activity worksheets.

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